Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's possible that you noticed

That we've been on Orcas for the last week. No, we don't typically have a panoramic view of the ocean from our kitchen window like was featured in the snack video below. Jeff pointed out the last time we were at the island that maybe it wasn't wise to tell the whole world wide web that we were leaving our house empty by broadcasting our trips in advance, so from now on, I will likely be a bit more subtle about our trips out of town. We arrived home tonight and while it's always sad to leave the cabin, it's nice to be home too.

We left last Wednesday and took up residence at the cabin for 7 nights just the three of us. The weather was amazing and Edie loves loves loves the outdoors so we really didn't need to do anything to entertain her. It was fun to live like locals for a bit; driving into town for groceries, lunching with Edie at Rose's Cafe just the two of us while Jeff worked on the laptop, taking evening boat rides in the Whaler before grilling our dinner on the porch. Truly the only downside was that Edie apparently finds her Pack n Play intolerable. Or something. Because WHEW!! That girl slept like she was 4 months old again THE ENTIRE TIME. We've gotten so used to sleeping through the night every night that it was a bit of a shock to our systems to have to get up over and over. Thankfully, she woke every morning happy as a clam and we were able to take naps during the day but I think Jeff and I are both hoping that being home tonight will mean better sleep for all.

I should have photos up soon.

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lindsey said...

I did notice and I was happy for you. So glad you found a week to be there just the three of you! Can't wait for photos.

Once again, Edie and Marina are channeling one another. I just finished a post all about the sleep woes at our house.

Welcome home!