Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Toy

The face she's making in this photo makes me snort. I took Edie to a baby consignment shop on Friday to find her some new pjs. All the stores seem to think that babies want to sleep in tee shirts and shorts right now. These cute summer pjs are not helpful in cold, rainy, damp Seattle. Not to mention that you aren't supposed to let babies sleep with blankets. So off to a new second hand shop we went in search of fleece footed jammies in late May. While I browsed the racks (and found 4 pairs of almost new fleece jams for $3 each!) Edie noticed this toy in a corner. And wouldn't let me leave without purchasing it. Its circus themed, metal and makes an old fashioned clinky-musical noise when you push it around like a vacuum. Edie "plays" with it by manically pushing it back and forth, all the time with this intense look on her face. I'm telling you, this toy is like baby crack.

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