Saturday, May 22, 2010

Edie's Hair

I've been meaning to write something about Edie's hair for a while, but a recent comment from Lindsey finally motivated me to do it. Here's the thing - Edie's hair is out of control. It is long, fuzzy, sticky-outy, blondish red with hints of a mullet (but only on the sides - can you have a business in the back, party on the sides mullet?).

In the last month the length has really taken off. The problem is that it cannot be contained. It puffs out in every direction and looks weird and greasy when I try to slick it to her head in some semblance of style. So instead I've decided to make it as weird as possible. We sometimes comb it straight up to make it a faux hawk, but most of the time it looks a little like a baby chick stuck its finger in a light socket. The other day when I took Edie in for a doctor's appointment for her sinus infection, Jeff said as I was leaving, "Could you ask him if there's anything we can do about her hair?" He was kidding. Obviously, my husband isn't a moron. The truth is though, is that it totally fits her personality. Hilariously awesome.


Kathleen said...

Love that little blond tuftiness.

Anonymous said...

I bet if you put little barrettes in her hair, no one would notice the fuzziness...? hee!