Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

We spent last Sunday - Mother's Day - in Bellingham. We headed up early and had a lovely Mother's Day brunch at Kathleen and Javi's house. The whole Culver family was in attendance (my parents were on vacation). We brought Edie's walker and she was thrilled with all the wood floors and open spaces at Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Javi's house.

We stuffed ourselves with sausage, bacon, homemade savory scones and cinnamon rolls, eggs, fruit salad, and mimosas. I ate enough for 3 mothers. Or maybe 4. Edie snacked on banana and blueberries. She's such a waif.
Great Aunt Wendy bought Edie another of her favorite finger puppet books - this one of a bumble bee. Uncle Javi is reading it to her and you'll see that she's VERY focused on trying to grab the bee so that she can eat him.
The weather was amazing, so we took a big family walk after breakfast, including a stroll down the street I grew up on - Hampton Place. I kept picturing this one photo my parents have of the day they brought me home from the hospital. It was taken on the front steps of our house on Hampton and as we walked by with Edie in her stroller last Sunday, it felt very odd to remember being a kid there so clearly yet be standing there with my own daughter. We are OLD.

Once back in Seattle that evening, we headed to the neighborhood park 2 blocks down the street.

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like a perfect first Mother's Day! Love Edie's fuzzy long hair. She's like a little penguin chick.