Monday, May 17, 2010


Edie's pull up skills are out of control. She now pulls up on the couch and shuffles the entire length of it. She can also transfer from the couch to the chair next to it, bridging a foot long gap without too much difficulty (it did take a few falls in between before mastering the necessary pivot). She's really interested in little else other than standing these days. I fear/hope that walking may be happening sooner than we are ready for. I've given her the new title of Mayor of Danger City.

Unfortunately, after recovering from her cold for almost a week, Edie relapsed midweek with what the doctor guessed was a sinus infection from the first cold. After a short course of antibiotics, her runny nose seems to be finally drying up, her cough no longer keeps her up and she's back to sleeping really well again. Such a relief. During the brief hiatus of wellness, Edie took time to have her first date with Darrah's son Reid.

Reid was a bit snoozy (literally) but Edie made up for it by refusing to nap in her stroller, kicking her blankets off, removing a sock and depositing it on the sidewalk on several different occasions.

Then it was back to runny nose central.
We also spent some time last week planting these three trees. As you can see, our neighbor's deck looms over our yard and some privacy was in order. These Arborvitae are supposed to grow quickly and provide a hedge-like wall. We like the idea that they were planted during Edie's first year and look forward to tracking their growth along side hers.
Edie's new scrunch smile.
Did I mention that Maurice got his first stab at Edie? She tried to pull up on a stack of blankets he was sleeping on. I was running in what felt like slow motion to stop the inevitable. He hissed at the interruption and clawed her under the right eye. I then spent a few minutes frantically Googling "cat scratch baby" only to find like five thousand results for something called "Cat Scratch Fever". Cat scratch what? Oh yeah. Apparently cat scratches can cause all sorts of terrible symptoms in babies. Thanks a lot Google. Luckily none of them happened to Edie. I may have ruined her modeling career though, as it appears that it might leave a tiny scar. That said, I probably already ruined her modeling career by genetically providing her with my 5'3" genes. This is what I tell myself to feel better about letting my cat maul my baby.


Lindsey said...

Look at those rosy cheeks! What a sweetheart. Love the trees!

cranky rae said...

Love those last two pics. Edie is such a character!