Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm feeling a little bad about trashing Edie earlier this week. I really can't stress enough how fun she is lately during the day. But nights have been rough. She was showing so much promise last week; stretching her sleeps to almost 6 hours for a night or two. But then we took our usual 2 steps back and relapsed for a few nights in a row and dude. Not sleeping more than one or two hours consecutively is HARD. Last night was MUCH better, but the cumulative effect of no sleep is still pretty exhausting. Last night she went down at 9pm and slept peacefully until 12:30am.
That wake-up wasn't super fun and finally ended in Jeff having a stroke of genius that got her to sleep by 1am. After about 8 times of her falling asleep in his arms and then waking and crying in the crib, he thought to try putting her pacifier in her mouth as soon as she hit the crib mattress. She went instantly from crying to sucking and then falling asleep and spitting her pacifier out after maybe 5 sucks. She then slept until 5:30am for a quick feed and then slept again until 7:30. Not too shabby Edie, not too shabby.

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