Thursday, January 7, 2010

Better late than never After-Photos

Hold onto your hats folks, because I'm about to post about something other than Edie. Remember that project we started this summer when I was pregnant? How Jeff and his Dad cut a giant hole in the wall between our living room and kitchen? Well, we got pretty far along in the project and then an 8lb 2oz distraction came along and the project was side-lined for a while. Well, Jeff recently took some time and put the finishing touches on the wall and ... well... feast your eyes on THIS:Ta DAAAAAAAA!
We're so pleased. It's so pretty and so much more fun to be able to cook and converse with guests in the living room at the same time. Anyways, I plan to post more soon about my return to work and all that biz, but for now I'll just tease you with a mention of a new feature soon to come to jillsdailynote - Flip Fridays! Starting tomorrow we'll post a video every Friday of Edie taken on our Flip video camera for your viewing pleasure.


Tib said...

awesome job Jeff and his dad, but mostly Jeff. Looks faboo!

Alicia said...

Wow! That is gorgeous and I am insanely jealous!

Kathleen said...

House Beautiful, Domino, Apartment Therapy have nothing on you guys. I hope ours looks even a 1/4 that good in the years to come.