Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, going back to work last week was.... work. My Mom came down for the day and hung out with Edie while she mostly threw a day-long-hissy about me not being there. But they also had some fun times in the Johnny Jump Up and strollering around in the rain so it wasn't horrible. I felt worse (umm I almost wrote "more bad" instead of "worse" - seriously - has my brain gone to complete baby-rot? Next time I'll be writing "more badder") for my Mom and Edie than I did for myself really. I followed my Mothers advice and compartmentalized; focusing almost entirely on work and trying not to think too much about home, knowing that the lump in my throat would turn itself into tears without much effort. Edie was thrilled to see me at the end of the day and needless to say the feeling was mutual, so that was a nice way to cap the day. Tomorrow, I go back to work and BOTH of Edie's Grandmas will be on the scene to keep her happy.

I'm really hopeful that she'll be fun for them tomorrow because she's been so much more fun these days for me and Jeff. I feel like we've hit our stride (despite the lack of sleep that has persisted since Thanksgiving) with the whole family biz. Edie's happy to hang out in her Johnny Jump-up while we eat dinner and sit in her Bumbo while I cook. She loves watching me cook and I predict she'll be my kitchen helper before I know it.
A few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Edie's come down with a bit of a diaper rash for the first time so she spent some time with no pants and no diaper on yesterday. Jeff took pictures of her lounging nude-tooter and I keep cracking up at the deterioration of her expressions:

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