Friday, July 10, 2015

Moving on

Photos from Edie's preschool "moving on" ceremony below. Apologies for the lack of posts lately - big changes are afoot with the Culver family and things have been a bit busy as a result. More on that to come soon.

First up was a celebratory dinner at Vios:

With her teacher Annette:
With French teacher Catherine (pronounced Katrine) with her signature snail puppet named Zhou Zhou L'Escargot.

All the kids moving on to Kindergarten next year:
Edie getting her badge of completion and shaking her teacher's hand:
With fellow classmate and bestie:

Also with their third amigo, close friend Eliza (pronounced Eleesa - her family is Dutch):

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lindsey. said...

Congratulations Edie Bee! Excited to hear about all the Culver Family happenings. Hope all is well!