Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Photo Dump

A visit to the pie shop A la Mode:

While I was on a work trip, Jeff took Edie to the music store (these are real and still exist) and let her pick out a CD. She chose Taylor Swift. It is now the soundtrack of our Spring 2015. Secretly I don't mind. Secret's out.
Taken on a walk with Jeff one day:

Birch Bay on Mother's Day weekend:

We received a visit at Birch Bay from this girl and her 6 day old chicks:
Edie and Caroline. Look at that hair!
Kissing cousins:
Grandpa, our nephew Wes and Jeffrey at Birch Bay:
A neighbor party:
The neighborhood kids playing in the back of Jeff's truck during the dinner party (three babies not pictured are safe in bed by this time, just the "big kids" got to stay up late):

Reid's 5th birthday party and playing "fishing" (I believe Edie had just "caught" a dirty sock):

First day at big girl gymnastics:

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sandralbruton said...

Love the 3 studs on lawn chairs!
Kissing cousins, a close 2nd.