Wednesday, May 13, 2015


An impromptu sleepover in Sequim was worth the trip. Road snacks underway:
Our cozy little cabin:

Edie's sleeping nook:

The 'game room' at the cabins:

Beach time:

The new cover of Jeff's autobiography "Handsome, Brave and Modest":
Dinner at the Old Mill:
Sunset beach time (photo bomb by Hammie the Hamster):
Late night viewing of the Fantastic Mr. Fox in lieu of bedtime stories:
Breakfast (also at the Old Mill) meant a cinnamon roll covered in caramel sauce. With a side of bacon. Hopefully she inherits Jeff's metabolism.
An random trip to the Olympic Game Farm:
This is me saying "nope" to this giant, snorty animal (note my finger on the window up button):

Note me cowering in the foreground:
Lunch on the way home in Poulsbo with friends:
Waiting in the ferry line to go home:

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sandralbruton said...

OMG the Sequim Animal Farm!...brings back memories of you and Scott with Grandma & Grandpa Meau.