Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oh, hey. Hi.

Work turned into a bit of a zoo this Spring. My kid also turned into a bit of a monster this Spring. But just periodically. And usually only when we worked long days and came home tired to begin with. It's like she knows. Or maybe is punishing me for being too busy with work. As if being too busy with work isn't its own punishment. We are dealing this week with intense melt downs about such important matters as putting shoes on, choice of dinner music, and most recently, me making her favorite dinner that she suddenly hates. BAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

I suppose it could all be much worse. At least she's healthy, smart, and will probably, maybe, most likely turn out to be normal and not hate us forever (or vice versa).

And Spring hasn't been all bad. We took an impromptu trip to Sequim and stayed in a cozy cabin by the water. Edie started gymnastics. We dyed easter eggs and had egg hunts. I turned 36. Edie had a bazillion playdates with Shreya. And sticking with my gym routine has helped lessen a stressful time.

AND I'm already looking ahead to a number of fun things to finish out 2015-
Memorial Day weekend in LA for a wedding with just Jeff
My favorite work gig of the year (4th year in a row)
SUMMER!! Orcas! Birch Bay!
Possibly a mother-daughter-grandmother trip to DC in June
Kindergarten!! (We are 4th on the wait list for our first choice school - cross your fingers for us!)
TWO trips to Palm Springs in the Fall/Winter - one with my entire side of the family and another with just my best girlfriends (no boys or kids allowed).

Anyways. Enough about me. How have you been? How're things? What's up?


Amy Ware said...

I'm back at work after maternity leave. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
My baby is laughing!!
I also have my favorite work gig coming up (three years in a row!).
I just submitted my performance review and had the nerve to request going to an expensive training that is actually 4 mini-retreats. (cross your fingers!)
Dave and I are taking a week off in August and go to Crater Lake with Otis(camping with a baby!!).
Our PEPS group is also going on a group camping trip in August.
I'm super excited to go to Palm Springs with MY girlfriends - what a coincidence. ; )
Thanks for posting - I still check every day. xoxo

sandralbruton said...

Oh hello there! Glad you are back. Nice to read about you and Amy you too.

lindsey. said...

Hello! You have been missed. Thanks for the update and fingers crossed for first choice school! (Though I am absolutely certain Miss Edie Bee will thrive anywhere.) Xo!

Laura said...

We've missed you !

Laura said...

We've missed you !