Thursday, May 29, 2014


Work was crazy this spring. I got home late the Friday before Mother's Day from a week away managing a high maintenance event. This is my third year in a row working this gig and while in almost every sense, it's my dream job - I return home each year EXHAUSTED. The weeks leading up to my trip were pretty awful if I'm being honest. Edie turned into a total monster, throwing frequent tantrums that were so filled with rage and came on so quickly that the only course of action was to endure. It was a very defeating week or two and while it seems like I might have welcomed a week away from home, instead I felt like I was leaving on a terrible note and it was depressing how relieved I was to run away and leave Edie with her grandparents.

It was therefore a relief when I came home and Edie decided to be sunshine and light. We had a relaxing Mother's Day weekend with lots of this:

If you're wondering - this was taken by Jeff at 3pm. Edie normally doesn't nap, but the weather was gorgeous, we'd spent a lot of time outdoors running around, and I guess we were both on the same page for the first time in weeks. It was nice, like we'd hit the Reset button as a family. My workload has now decreased dramatically just in time for the summer and the weather this Spring has been pretty close to perfect. I'm looking forward to a summer of less work, more mother-daughter time, and family weekends on Orcas and at Birch Bay.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birch Bay weekend

The weather was supposed to be terrible, but we ventured north anyways. We like to drive up late Friday night after the traffic has died down. Then we just carry Edie to bed and wake up at the cottage on Saturday morning. Saturday, Jeff had the idea to drive up to Mount Baker. I had visions of frolicking through wild flowers and agreed, but when we got to the top, I was embarrassed to realize that of course there would still be snow… we were poorly dressed for the occasion, but tromped through the snow for an hour or two anyways, throwing snowballs and comparing the landscape to the movie Frozen. Edie was pumped.

As we descended the mountain, the sun came out and we decided to swing by A&W for floats to break up the drive. I post this picture even though I couldn't look more pale and terrible because Edie looks SO PRETTY in it. Am I crazy for thinking that?

When we got back to the cottage, it was warm enough to strip down and play in the kiddie pool.

And for me to enjoy a summer cocktail and read:
After dinner we strolled down to the beach and found this yard that was 100% dandelions. Edie's mind was blown, because there are few things 4 year olds love more than stopping on walks to pick every dandelion and blow the fuzzies off:
Beach time:

The following morning we had breakfast with Kathleen, Javi and Luna and then watched the girls play in the sunny backyard:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Photo Dump

Edie baking a cake (with tiara and fairy wings) with Jeff while I was in California for work:

With blue sprinkles of course:
She's looking so old in this photo with her long legs:
It's birthday party season and it feels like we're attending one every weekend. Here she is with her buddies from school at a bouncy house birthday party:

She obviously had a terrible time:

Edie is the giraffe in the foreground:
Now we have some Easter photos. My side of the family was down with the flu so we spent it with the Culver clan. Edie with cousin Luna:
The Easter Bunny brought sidewalk chalk:

Edie insisted on wearing her "Elsa" dress. This is a dress meant for a 7 year old, but it makes her feel like Elsa from the movie Frozen so she spent a few weeks pretty much exclusively wearing the turquoise mumu.

Lastly, I leave you with Edie, Queen of the Cats:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring - Other people's photos

A few photos from this Spring that other people took. First up is a family photo shoot at Lowell in Bellingham:
Edie and Luna at the Lowell Elementary playground:

Reading at Grandma Fifi and Grandmpa Mustache's house:

Sometimes this is how we wear our hair:

Jeff is this weird, magic nap-whisperer. My child who has not napped regularly for over a year frequently falls asleep on or with Jeff. This one took the cake though:
Couch nap (also induced by Jeff somehow):

Playing soccer in Jeff's empty office space (he moved to a new office last month):
I'm not sure, but given all the turquoise, it definitely had something to do with "being Elsa":