Saturday, February 1, 2014


On the plane:

While boarding, Edie ran a bit ahead and turned around to yell, "I'm just SO EXCITED Mom!"


Edie made besties with the 9 year old neighbor and her 5 year old brother so Katherine and I decided it would be really cinchy to take them all 3 to dinner on Friday night. It actually wasn't too painful, mostly entertaining. We let them order pretty much everything they wanted and then went bananas:
Photo bomb by Adelle:

Strawberry daquiri sippin:

Levi then needed his photo taken but didn't want to share his straws:

Waiting for our car at valet:

The next morning in the sunshine:

Here we are with an old high school friend and her son who live in LA and came to visit:

Edie: "Take my picture with that DRAGON!"

Donut holes from the farmers market:

On Saturday we drove to Long Beach and enjoyed the beach:
Edie just kept laughing to herself she was having so much fun:

The Long Beach Arcade where I almost lost my sanity for a minute:

The Trading Post (i.e.: giant hipster flea market) near Katherine's house on Sunday:

Katherine let Edie shake glitter from the balcony of her apartment. She could hardly believe her luck:

On Friday, I had meetings in LA most of the day so Katherine and Edie had some alone time. Here are some of her pics from that day:


sandralbruton said...

So many lovely photos! You realize the swing shot at end is YOU!

Katherine LeBlond said...

come back! i'm bored without you guys and PLUS I have a whole box of glitter still!

heidio said...

These are great pictures. Visiting Katherine is the best!

lindsey. said...

Great pictures! You know how much I loved Edie's bob haircut but I love it longer too! That kid can't go wrong. Happy you had such a great trip!