Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This and That

I'm sorry it's been so long friends. Work has felt stressful lately so my evenings are either spent reformatting documents and obsessively rereading emails before hitting send OR watching random TV in an effort to not think about anything other than random TV.

Don't feel too sorry for me though, because I also had a lot of fun this weekend. Together with my amazing and creative friends, we threw a baby shower for Heidi at my office on Saturday. Friends came to town for the occasion and we hosted a gathering at our house on Valentines Day. Those of us with kids were kid-free for the night and it was a great, grown up time. I had this moment while we were setting up my office for the baby shower when I was struck by how lucky I am to have these kinds of friends. And yes, I know I say this a lot. But it's so true! I frequently meet people who appear to not really have best friends. I'm sure there are lots of people fine with this arrangement, but for me, these women are my lifeline and I hope that at times, I am theirs as well. Jeff makes me laugh every day and we have a great time together, but he definitely doesn't want to go shopping with me, he definitely doesn't have any interest in sitting around emoting about our week, and he most certainly is not going to spend weeks brainstorming the best ideas for a baby shower. But my friends do!

I looked around and Kristin was on her knees pulling pine cones and moss out of a bag to make little woodland dioramas in my bookcase. Darrah was arranging vintage books with woodland creatures on the covers as part of the decorations. Amy was stacking the amazingly delicious sugared nuts she made with stamped labels on adorable mason jars, and organizing little shortbread cookies that looked like tiny hedgehogs on a wood platter. Katherine was scattering the confetti she HAND PUNCHED in the shape of tiny owls and stringing the banner she made out of LOG SLICES while I arranged miniature loaves of cornbread and honey butter on the buffet. I mean seriously. It was cute times infinity. For a few hours we were all a living, breathing Pinterest board. And then Heidi showed up with her adorable belly and cute shoes and we all died. From cuteness. Photos to come soon, but these few to tide you over.

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sandralbruton said...

Heidi! She looks amazing...mother earth and sexy nymph among all the forest-ey things!