Friday, January 31, 2014

Slippery Slopes 2014

earlier in January we attended our second annual "Slippery Slopes Ski Club Weekend" in Eastern Washington. I was actually going to give cross country skiing a shot at this weekend, but the weather was too nice and none of the trails were open. So instead we had a relaxing weekend at the farmhouse with friends, eating and playing games.

On the ride east:

Oddly, one of the most popular games that weekend was Edie's Connect Four:
Christy and Dave snuggling with Amanda and Ryan's baby:

Dan and Edie licking the beaters:

Eating dinner on Saturday night:

Edie helping Dan with the firewood:

Edie and Jeff on a big walk:

Looking back at the farmhouse from the top of the mountain where Edie apparently hiked all the way up and back without begging to be carried. Nothing short of a miracle:


Hmm. I thought there were more photos, but apparently not. We had a really nice, low key weekend catching up with old friends and then it was just 3 short days from the time we came home to our flight to LA!

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lindsey. said...

What a fun tradition. I love how it's evolving to include kids. And Edie is ridiculously cute in that blue hat.