Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday Photo Dump #1

In an effort to be slightly more "present", I am taking less photos of every cute thing that happens in my life. This is not particularly beneficial to my blog, but I think I'm creating more memories that live in my brain, instead of the kind that live in my phone. Unfortunately, it means that our holiday season was a little under-documented. Ah well.

Here are the random photos from the last half of December. We visited Edie's old daycare and she had a blast playing with her old pal Julien (the son of her teacher) who is only 2 months older than her but about 10 inches and 20 pounds bigger:

This is the best picture ever of Edie wearing a squirrel mask. Do I need to elaborate? I don't think so.
Christmas at my parents' house. Edie and my Dad playing Connect Four (a Christmas present from us):

Dad and Jeff playing a funny golf game with Edie:

Jeff's 96 year old grandmother giving books out to all her great grand children at a family brunch:

My Mom and I sporting the adorable ear warmers that my sister in law knitted us!

We inherited some little Swedish wooden elf-like dolls from Jeff's grandmother last year. Jeff moved the little dolls around each night so Edie had to find them in the morning. Sort of our non-branded "Elf on a Shelf" experience - except Jeff had never heard of Elf on the Shelf… too bad he didn't have this idea like 5 years ago, because then maybe we could be super rich! I thought this move was particularly brilliant:
That elf is riding a tiny cast iron unicorn! What? Doesn't everyone have a fancy cast iron unicorn in their house? 

Lastly I have this picture of Mimi that I think should probably be entered into one of those caption contests. 


Tib said...

as much as I adore the photos of EBee, that picture of Mimi is THE CUTEST! Hope your holidays were great~

Kristin said...

I'm shocked, thrilled, and deeply touched that you would choose to commemorate my Blogger avatar with a statue in your home.