Monday, October 21, 2013

Rhythmic gymnastics

Edie's uncle Javi gave her a present this weekend. It's a rhythmic gymnastics wand. She calls it her "Paton" (As in "baton", only mispronounced). She's pretty much obsessed. Tonight Jeff showed her some videos from the Olympics of professional rhythmic gymnasts. She proceeded to put on a 45 minute long show, Each set/performance proceeded by her calling out, "ready? Set? gymnastics!!" Then she would go bananas with the ribbon and do all sorts of twists and turns, Even stopping to do a gymnastics wave now and again. You know, the kind where you stand up real straight and hold one arm straight up and do a tiny wave while smiling tightly and nodding.

Eventually Jeff joined in the fun; crafting his own wand using a slotted spoon I usually use to serve spaghetti and a ribbon. It's moments like these where I think that the world would be a better place if every man had a daughter.


Laura said...

Very cute !

sandralbruton said...

You caught great shots of this Olympic Culver Event.