Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Photo Dump

Things have been busy around the Culver abode, so I haven't had as many photo ops OR enough time to post the mediocre photos I do have. But I've been such a blog slacker lately, that I thought I'd appease with a few miscellaneous photos:

First up is a trip Edie and I made to the University Farmer's Market this weekend:

Followed by a walk around the neighborhood. Edie had spotted this house from the car recently and HAD to show me in person. She walked right up to their porch and proclaimed, "We are DEFINITELY trick or treating here!"
Then she did an impersonation of the zombies behind her:

Running to the park:
Snuggling and watching an Eloise Halloween special on Netflix:
Brunch at Jessie and Clay's house (photo bomb by Jessie's recently acquired baby bump):
Clay and Edie playing guitar:

On Sunday afternoon there was the annual "parade of costumes" in our neighborhood.  Jeff wasn't feeling well, so Edie and I rushed up there after brunch. Thankfully, she was already wearing her Cinderella dress because it's in regular rotation along with her normal clothes, so this is not her Halloween costume, but we went with it because the parade was about to start and we were in a rush. I tied a black ribbon around her neck, threw on a tiara and viola! She added Minnie because "Cinderella always has mices Mom!"
We ran into her school buddy who lives a few blocks away, so she and Elana held hands and were generally adorable for the entire "parade":

The parade ended at our new park, which is a covered water reservoir that's been under construction for almost 2 years. The playground opened this Spring, but this weekend was the opening of the upper level of the park. It's still a bit unfinished and mostly a giant empty field, but the wide paved tracks will probably be good bike riding material this Spring.
There was trick or treating along the parade route with shop owners standing outside with candy:

Yesterday my parents picked Edie up early from preschool and took her on an afternoon adventure. This might be my favorite picture of my Dad and Edie EVER:
Spaghetti Factory!
And we finish with a grainy night time shot of our carved pumpkins:


heidio said...

you guys sure have lots of fun!

sandralbruton said...

Still laughing that you mention bike riding?!
Edie told her grandparents about that scary house and insists it will be the best ever for trick or treating.
Yay Jessie and Clay!