Monday, June 17, 2013


A few weeks ago Edie and I hit up the Ballard Sunday Market. It's become somewhat of a routine for us on Sundays after I get my weekly sleep-in. There was a face painter there that week and Edie sweetly looked up at me and busted out, "Can I get my face painted Mom? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" And I died. And said yes.

She asked the lady for a unicorn on one cheek and "some magic" on the other cheek. The "magic" ended up being some sparkly stars.

This is her 'I'm a badass unicorn eating this badass plum' face:
Thankfully it all came off easily with baby wipes. So says my trusty babysitter that night (Hi Amy!).

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sandralbruton said...

Edie told me today that her house, if it should get painted, would look great in pink and purple. Now I know where this came from!!!