Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Party Dress

We have a lovely neighbor who is probably about 60 years old and never had children. She has an entire bedroom in her house devoted to her doll collection. They are large dolls. Like, toddler-size. And there are so many of them.

Sometimes if she orders an item of clothing for the doll and it doesn't fit, she gives it to us. Because dolls aren't likely to "grow into" an item of clothing. This is how Edie inherited this party dress that she likes to wear to rough house and play in the backyard:

I am the queen and Edie is the princess and we are scared because the evil "yard shark" (ie: Jeff) is
about to bomb our "castle" with a giant pink ball.


Laura said...

That is a party dress to be proud of !!! Especially stylin' with that hat

sandralbruton said...

You must have loved that little video I sent you this week...you can't talk to mommy right now because she's a princess!!!

Marcia said...

How gorgeous Edie is in that hot, hot pink dress......one of my most favorite colors! What fun to get to wear a doll's clothes! Wow!