Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birch bay

We took Edie up to the cottage at Birch Bay 2 weekends ago. We spent one night there as a family and then Edie had a sleepover at Jeff's parents while Jeff and I stayed at the cabin the second night.

Here is my chubby foot stuck in terrible, terrible traffic leading up to the I-5 Bridge Detour.

Ta-daaaa!  So happy to be there after over 3 hours in the car!

Side note: Edie pretty much always wears "princess dresses" now. Sometimes also to bed. We are choosing our battles and have decided this is not one of them. My kid is a walking costume closet.

We set up her little cot-bed and she made this bed all to her own specifications. She explained that she needed a pillow at her head, another one at her feet, and the one on the floor is in case she falls out.

Taken at 10pm after tucking her in for the 3rd (unsuccessful) time. It was too funny to be legitimately irritating. Thankfully, we don't have this problem at home, but the layout at the cottage sort of begs for it (there is no door to the bedroom so she can hear and see us in the living room).

We also spent a bit of time in Bellingham on Saturday, taking Edie to Fairhaven Park to explore:

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