Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wine pairing: Chicken nuggets and Sauvignon Blanc

I had a draining day of work today. I spent about 5 hours of my day on various conference calls trying to decipher what all the people on the other line(s) were saying and at least 3 of those hours were spent reviewing a 20 page audio visual quote line by line, trying to cut the budget by half. So basically, a super fun day.

At 4:30, I wrapped things up early to pick up Edie from daycare by 5pm. She wept and yelled at me the entire way home because she feels she should be able to ride in a booster seat and was pissed when I told her she had to weigh 40 pounds before she could do that. I have no idea why this is such a hot topic all of a sudden because she has never once before mentioned the desire to ride in a booster seat. Probably one of the bigger kids in her class graduated to a booster and talked about it in class today. Awesome.

I got home, and despite wishing we could just get take-out, decided to be responsible and made pizza dough from scratch, caramelized onions and peppers to go on the pizza and then assembled a fancy pizza and salad for dinner. I tell Edie and she yells, "But MOOOOOM - I had pizza for LUNCH!!"  Ohmygod. We are just one small step from her standing in front of a full fridge and declaring, "Ugh, there's NOTHING to eat in this house."

She begged to watch 5 more minutes of My Little Pony before coming to dinner and I was too tired to fight. I took one bite of the gourmet pizza I didn't want to make in the first place. It was burnt. AND MOLDY. Must have been the tomato sauce from a can that I used. Out of desperation (and starvation) I made pizza crackers (melted cheese and pepperoni on Ritz crackers). Right as I take a bite of one and a giant droplet of grease falls onto the boob of my new white sweater, Edie comes in from the living room, ready to eat dinner and is immediately upset that we threw away the pizza that she DIDN'T WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Cue Jeff offering me a glass of wine.

In the end, we heated up some chicken nuggets and after all that effort, I had chicken nuggets and a giant glass of white wine for dinner.


Tib said...

grrrrrllllll. don't I know it.

lindsey. said...

I love you. And I totally know how you feel. As soon as I'm done with this comment I am going to google "boarding schools for three year olds".

sandralbruton said...

The pizza part of the story is so sad. All the other parts are hilarious to me!