Friday, May 3, 2013

My Turn

A few weeks ago I dropped Edie and Penny off at ballet class and walked the 2 blocks to Top Pot Donut for a maple bar and Internet access when I noticed a beautiful Queen Anne home across the street announcing office space for lease. 

Today, Todd and I signed the lease. Tiller Events moves in June first.

Cue hyperventilating. 

It doesn't quite feel real yet, but it will soon. 

Our unit has windows (you can see three of them on the first floor in the front!), natural light, parking, old world charm, a friendly landlord, and donuts across the street! Aaaand a Molly Moon's ice cream next door to the donut shop. And a pizza shop next to that! And a Trader Joe's just down the street. Oh my god I just got super excited! And I haven't even said the best part --- my stupid cats won't be there trying to sit on my keyboard all day and send emails with their butts before I've finished typing them.

Seriously though, this is only slightly more impulsive than it seems. Tiller has saved the money, discussed the possibilities and toured other office spaces for rent. Todd is moving out of his house to live aboard a boat and needs office space regardless, so the timing felt right. I promise more photos when we move in! 


Kristin said...

Congratulations Jill! Sounds like a great space. Now all that's left is for Edie to get her own office.

Amy W. said...

So exciting, Jill! I hope those Top Pot employees Are ready for a new regular.

Darrah said...

It looks beautiful Jill! Hope I can see it in person sometime.

Mary Anne said...

How awesome! PS You and Jeff are really great at picking out office spaces.

lindsey. said...

JILL! That space is beautiful! I'll have to come by some time for some event talk and donuts. So excited for you. You've worked hard for this and I'm really proud of you!