Sunday, May 26, 2013


We are staying in Seattle for the long weekend and when Jeff woke up yesterday morning, he suggested we take the monorail to the Space Needle and go up to the top of the needle. Edie and I got all excited and then when we got close to the Seattle Center to look for parking, I noticed a disproportionate number of hippies walking around. Uh oh. It was Folk Life Festival! We weren't really interested in fighting our way through drum circles and henna tattoo lines to get to the Needle, so we opted for heading south to have a Georgetown day. Jeff and Edie took me to the "hat and boots park", which I'd never been to, and where Edie made a best friend named Edda who was 7. They became inseparable and I couldn't get a photo of her in the park without also photographing Edda, but it was ridiculously cute and made me impatient for Edie's cousins Luna and Caroline to be 3 so that they will follow Edie around like Edie was following Edda around.

After the park, we headed to The Hangar Cafe. Hands down best crepes in the city. Last time we went, I tried to be virtuous and ordered a salad and then was super jealous of Jeff's crepe the entire time. This time, I had the special with ham, brussel sprouts, carmelized onions, cheese, spinach and a chipotle sauce with creme fraiche on top. Amazing. Edie had bacon, and a nutella crepe.

Browsed the goods at the Georgetown Trailer Park market:

And visited a few stores before heading home for a giant, late afternoon nap. 

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sandralbruton said...

The sky portions of those cowboy boot photos are some of Seattle's best! Looks like a perfect family style day off to me...