Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mexico Teaser

A few photos from our travel day and first day and a half in Mexico. I can't promise more before leaving this weekend, but we'll see...
Annie's gummy bunnies=excellent plane treats.
Cousin Hannah sitting right behind us.

Her future is bright.
Immediately upon arrival, we all hit the pool.

My Mom and Aunt making tropical beverages

Grandma giving Edie a mani-pedi.

Edie spent the first afternoon doing nothing but running up and down the "coast" of our swimming pool.  I was only able to coax her into a swimming suit for the last hour of the night.  As a result, most of the photos are not suitable for sharing.

Seriously Circo, you can call me to book my daughter as a child model for your swimsuit line ANYTIME.

Grandma and Edie enjoy some pool time on day 1 or 2.

That's totally a fedora.

And an inflatable frog.


Laura said...

Smile !!! Reliving it thru photos every day since we've been home.

sandralbruton said...

Great shots of afternoon day 1. Thanks for my morning smile(s)!

Lindsey said...

Love these!!!

Betsey said...

That swimsuit pose is cracking me up!