Friday, May 18, 2012

Mexico cont.

Hard to see and I feel like one off those weirdos that takes pictures of the fish through the glass at the Aquarium even posting this, but this tree is COVERED in giant iguanas.  It smelled horrific.
Our one day in town.
Edie pretty much freaked out when we passed this store filled with hilarious dresses.
Freaking out.
Flirting with Rueben - our house manager.  He spoke no English but they were be sties by the end of the week with Edie yelling "Hola Ruben!" every time he entered the house.
Pool time.  We require 1.5 flotation devises per person.
Edie insisted on taking "nude naps" every day and would need to be tucked in with various assorted accessories.
With Grandpa. Family resemblance much?
Her "rainbow-kini"
The sunsets weren't too shabby.

My cousin Sarah and I are only 3 weeks apart in age and grew up together.  This is a rare moment when neither of us are tethered to our girls (who we call cousins, but I suppose are first cousins once removed.  Or something like that?).

Cue "the girls".  Hannah is 1.5 and the two of them were so adorable together.  They live in Alaska, so this was really their first time spending QT together.

Edie teaching Hannah about popsicles (not much cause for them in Alaska!).  She's got her own style.


Walking down the beach to the port where huge barges would pull through.

I didn't wear any makeup while on vacation.  I'd ask Jeff to Photoshop some in for this photo, but I did that once and regretted it.  

Since I posted unflattering photos of myself without makeup and in my swimsuit, forgive me the indulgence of this one glamour shot.  Thanks for the hat loan Amy.
Sarah made the girls matching dresses. 

After the little girls went to bed, the cousins/siblings would stay up playing Bananagrams and drinking.  Fun times.
Edie picked a lime off a tree and carried it around ALL DAY.
A fruit stand where we had tasty fruit.  And experienced the grossest toilet for a "potty trip" ever.  I will not speak of it again.

Colima ruins.  After this photo, I started to die from the heat and took shelter in the van so there are no good shots of the actual ruins...
Last day before heading to the airport for our late afternoon flight.
Honorable mention goes out to Aunt Emily who became Edie's IDOL during this trip.  Edie spent every minute of every day needing to be right next to her.  Thankfully Emily was gracious enough to sacrifice reading in the sun time for playing in the pool and reading stories with Edie.

Before the trip home went awry and Jeff I tried to stab ourselves in the eyeballs.   Edie was a champ for 9/10ths of the first flight.  Just like the fruit stand "bathroom", we will also not speak of the remaining 1/10th OR the next flight from LAX to Seattle.  


sandralbruton said...

Those photos are great Jill & Jeff!
The ones of the young girls and the not so young girls in the pool are wonderful.

Shedding the Walrus suit said...

I love all of these photos! But I especially love the family shot of you, Jeff, and Edie in the pool and all the photos of Hannah and Edie together. Oh, and your glamour shot.

Lindsey said...

I love these. I love the glamour shot. And I feel it is important to note that you look lovely without the makeup and might consider giving it up all together. I love the two little cousins in their matching dresses. And I so want to speak of the things that we will not speak of.

Laura said...

I need more ! great photos u guys !!!! Are those 2 little ones cute or what !?!!!!???