Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've been remiss

You guys! I'm so sorry for the recent blog-neglect. I hope someone doesn't call the BPS* on me. Here's the deal:

Darrah's due date was exactly one week ago. Our friend Katherine flew in from LA to be here for the baby's arrival.
But the baby was all, "Being born sucks, I think I'll just hang out in here." (D, this week)
Darrah started her leave a week or two ago, so we spent this last week walking, walking and walking. All to no avail! But. BUT. You guys Darrah went into labor yesterday and she might very well be pushing the baby out RIGHT NOW. Last we heard she was 6 centimeters dilated and that was a few hours ago. I'm sort of flipping out with a combination of excitement to meet this baby boy, nostalgia for that moment of the last push and meeting your baby for the first time, anxiety that everything will go as she wants it to (although I'm pretty sure the whole 24+ hours of labor isn't exactly what she had in mind, but you know what I mean) and did I mention excitement? Because dude, I's excited.

So instead of blogging, we've been busy strolling in the Bumbleride with Darrah and Katherine.
Taking rainy trips to Seward Park with the family:Eating sushi at Blue C in Fremont (she loved chewing on her chopsticks and watching the plates go round).
Eating oranges
I'm not actually kidding. Citrus isn't recommended for babies (apparently it's considered high on the allergy list) but Jeff tested that theory out when Edie grabbed a slice out of his hand and went to town on it. She also likes chewing on the peel. There is very little that's "standard" about this baby when it comes to eating. She will gnaw and suck on an orange section like it's going out of style. She also likes chewing on raw apple slices (but she totally dissed homemade, cooked applesauce).
Oddly neither the orange or apple have bothered her stomach in the least.

We've also spent some time this week prancing around in our tutus:
Mowing the lawn:
Tromping around the tulip festival in the pouring down rain with Katherine and Darrah. Don't mind the cranky look on E's face - I'd just taken her into the port a potty so I could pee. With her on my back. You'd be making that face too if you were her.
And just generally being awesome:
You guys. I love this photo almost as much as I love Edie. Which is A LOT. Because seriously. Sometimes I feel like my heart could literally explode from being so in love with this kid.

Stay tuned for a photo essay on Edie eating carrots. It's worth the wait.

*Blog Protective Services


Mary Anne said...

Please tell me she's had that baby by now...I love the pic of Edie Bee and KDL...and the sunglasses one...Keep up the good work!!

Kristin said...

Doesn't she look a lot like Scott when he was a little boy? I think so.

Anonymous said...

The pink ruffled butt...yeah! And I love Kristin's thought of Scott.