Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flip Thursday

Finally! Blogger is letting me add videos again. Flip Thursday doesn't have quite the ring of Flip Friday and I suppose I could just wait until tomorrow to post, but who knows if Blogger will be cooperating tomorrow or not? Not worth the risk.

First we have a video of Edie babbling with consonants. It starts a bit boring, but stick with it and the last 6 seconds will make it worth your 30 second commitment. I promise.

Edie LOVES her walker. She can now successfully walk to and from the kitchen and dining room without help; requiring the navigation of a tight doorway and corner. She can also make a u-turn and retrace her steps. While I make lunch or do dishes she runs back and forth from room to room. When the cat walks by she goes crazy. Here is a video of her chasing him through the kitchen. You can't see the cat, but at the very last second you can hear his cat door slam close as he runs out of the house to get away from Edie.


Anonymous said...

Worth the wait!

Kathleen said...

Yeah, she kind of burned you on that first one.

Anonymous said...

I love the dadadadada!