Friday, December 26, 2008

Daily Note: December 26, 2008

Well, it's been a weird 9 days trapped in the house with all this snow. We had a merry Christmas and I hope you all did too. Since I've been pretty much slowly dying of boredom over the last week or so, I have very little new to say. For this reason, I offer you a photo summary of my time.

Here I am on the first day of snow, thinking that frolicking in a winter wonderland is fun. We walked up to the video store and rented a few movies to watch while we were snowed in.
A day or two later and the boredom had really hit. We started posing Maurice in various pieces of furniture for entertainment.
Then it just kept snowing. And snowing. And snowing. On day two or three we took this photo of the front of our house.Our backyard:

A few nights ago our neighbor's bamboo on the right side of our yard was so laden with snow that I worried it would break our fence. Jeff went out in the dark with a broom and beat the crap out of all the bushes to get all the snow out. I don't know if you can tell, but he's almost knee deep in snow.
Once we'd officially seen pretty much every movie at our neighborhood rental store, I shifted to cooking to keep me entertained. We made chicken and dumplings from my America's Test Kitchen cookbook.

Christmas morning:
The egg scramble and Early's Sausage special ordered from Tennessee (a Culver family tradition). Below that is a photo of me with my prized apple skillet cake from Jacques Pepin's fast and easy cookbook.Family photo war. My brother and my Mom and I all taking pictures at once:
Sitting down to breakfast:Our most exciting present (from my parents)- A new flat screen tv! I know... we're spoiled. But my parents have a weird obsession with their new flat screen tv and felt it was necessary to buy us one.
So that's about it. I was supposed to make a fancy dinner for me and Jeff last night but we were both too full and lazy. So... countless episodes of What Not to Wear, a marathon of House, and many, many bowls of chex mix later, the snow seems to be melting. I think we might actually dig our car out today and - gasp - drive somewhere other than our neighborhood.

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Lindsey said...

Love this recap! My favorite parts included Jeff beating the crap out of the neighbor's bamboo in the dark of night and the pic of you with your Pepin dish. Your hair is so cute!