Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daily Note: December 2, 2008

Deep thoughts about shallow things:

1. I only caught a few minutes of the Britney special, but wow. Thankfully, I'm pretty confident that they'll be running it all day, every day for the next two weeks at least, so I'll be sleeping easy knowing I haven't missed my only chance.

2. Jeff was in the room at 10:00 so I couldn't watch The Hills without mass ridicule. He finally left at 10:16, but by then I couldn't follow the complex plot twists that the show had taken during the first 16 minutes. Kidding! About the plot twists, not about missing the first half of the show.

3. I saw a preview for The City and I wish they sold advent calendars for it. I'd like to open a tiny window and eat a crappy piece of chocolate for every day that takes me closer to the premier of that show. Two words - baited breath.

4. Bromance? As much as I love Brody Jenner, I'm feeling a little lukewarm on that concept. Although perhaps it's aimed a little more towards the males 15-21 audience and less to the married, nearly 30 year old women demo.


cranky rae said...

My cable envy is so raw and real that it almost brings tears to my eyes. Do you even know how bad I want to see the Britney special? And Bromance! I hadn't even heard of it!! And can I please come over for the premiere of The City? Why am I even asking. I'll be at your doorstep night of.

Lindsey said...

Is The City the new show featuring Whitney? Thanks for the Hills reminder - I will go to MTV.com in just a sec and get caught up. Britney's back. And I love it. In fact, I was just listening to her last CD on my way home from work. Brit Brit is a special kind of genius.