Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daily Note: THANKSGIVING 2008

Today I give thanks to:

1. My husband. Who spent at least 2 hours standing in the shower yesterday "recalibrating" the plumbing so that I had the most lovely shower in our beautiful new(ish) bathroom this morning. Apparently, the shower head may not in fact be broken, just super fussy.

2. Whole foods. When I went to bake my apple pie this morning, the horrible memory of me breaking my beautiful deep dish pie pan two weeks ago came crashing back to me. In a panic, I realized Target and all other kitchen goods stores would be closed today. Thankfully, Whole Foods was open and had one yellow Le Crueset pie pan left with my name on it. Luckily, I made my pumpkin pie last night so I only needed one pie pan.

3. My Dad. Today is his 60th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!


Lindsey said...

I am a fan of Whole Foods and of Le Creuset as well! I am glad that worked out for you. And the shower as well.

Okie said...

Nice list. Kudos to your hubbie. I have a handful of honey-doos to take care of still. Plumbing isn't my forte by any stretch though, so I'm appropriately impressed.