Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daily Note: November 13, 2008

Today I'm too lazy to write something so instead I will give you some pictures of the recently finished living room. Everyone loves a good before and after, right? This was taken a year or two ago with our pretend walls made (literally) out of paper hanging on either side of the archway between the dining room and living room. Jeff is the King of Prototypes (one time I even made up a song about it Weird Al style to the tune of King of Wishful Thinking from the Pretty Woman soundtrack but that is another story for another day) so before we built real walls, we lived with simulated paper walls for at least 3 months.
And here is after we ripped out some rotten plaster under the center window (and before we replaced it with Sheetrock). This is after we installed the picture rail but before painting.

This next one was taken while we made the paper walls into real walls. In the area between the new beam and original the wall, we put in heat vents that go from our basement to our bedrooms upstairs. Now the bedroom is always toasty warm.
Here is me working on the trim work we added to frame out the new, narrower archway.
And here is the Ta Daaa shot:

It's really sunny in this picture so it washes the paint out, but still, it gives you the idea.


cranky rae said...

Dude, it looks awesome! I'm not even sure how to hang a picture on the wall. Impressive.

Lindsey said...

I love it! I am officially requesting more posts with before and after images of your house. It looks like a great old house. What neighborhood do you live in?