Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daily Note: November 25, 2008

If you're not really much for angry rants filled with all caps, I would advise not reading further.

Today was maybe one of the most cranky-making days ever. Horrible PMS coupled with a personal disappointment this week put me in no position to deal with the incompetent pile of retards that I had to talk to today. Rather than pull a Dooce and go into details, I will just reassure any random coworkers that might stumble upon this blog - I'm not talking about you.

Also, this just in: Our new shower is broken. After months of it only spewing scalding water, my lovely husband finally called the plumber. For the low, low price of a bazillion dollars, the plumber informed us that it is not in fact his shoddy work that caused the problem as we had suspected, but a faulty shower head. Luckily he DID rig it so that now the shower only spews freezing cold water, which is AWESOME. And of course we ordered the shower head off of some obscure piece of shit website that will probably never read the strongly worded letter Jeff sent them today insisting that they send us a new shower head. And PS my jaw hurts really bad so it's pretty great that I'm totally out of my TMJ pain meds.

I should go, I think I hear someone calling my name from the kitchen and I'm pretty sure it's coming from a giant glass of wine.


Lindsey said...

Cranky Jill is in the house. Hhaaaaaayyyyyy...

I love Cranky Jill! I am sure her and Cranky Lindsey will be lifelong friends.

cranky rae said...

Cranky Rae is here to comisserate. Sorry about your lame ass day; I had a lame ass day myself. You drank 2.5 glasses of wine? Impressed.