Thursday, February 19, 2015

California Disney Day

On Sunday of our California visit, we made Katherine take us to Disneyland. She obliged. We nailed it.   The only disappointment of the day was that there were a lot of rides closed for refurbishments. Splash Mountain, Matterhorn, and Peter Pan most notably. But we still had a blast. There might have been one low moment when we humored Edie and got in line for Storybook Land only to regret it once it was too late to get out of the maze of the line. But we persevered and were rewarded by the fact that this ride has been updated recently to include a replica of Arendelle from the movie Frozen. Edie in the Tarzan house (formerly the Swiss Family Robinson house):
We spent a surprising amount of time watching the real live ducks in the various ponds of Disneyland instead of riding rides. Kids are weird.

Near another duck pond (ps: in case you are wondering, Edie is sporting a neck tattoo of the temporary variety - it's a tattoo of a necklace):
And yet another duck viewing sesh:

First ride? Pirates! Edie loved it and didn't remember most of the details from her last visit 2 years ago. She said, "Take my picture with the parrot mom!!!":
More at Tarzan's house:

Hands down the best moment for all of us was our first time on Big Thunder. She wasn't big enough to ride the last time we visited (plus it was closed) and it's been updated pretty dramatically to be faster and more exciting. Edie was PUMPED. And since the photos are below, it will probably be obvious that I also loved it. These photos are extra large because they are extra awesome:

"I'm not going to like churros Mom, I want cotton candy."
"Churros sound gross."
after one bite: "Oh wait. I LOVE CHURROS."

Shortly after a New Orlean's band walked by and handed Edie a necklace:

Friends forever:
After the sun went down, I bought Edie a stuffed animal on Main Street (because I am a sucker) and we went across the way to California Adventure, went on a ride, ate dinner, and attended a Frozen Singalong (because Katherine and I are both suckers). Getting ready for the show to start:
I think she enjoyed the show. PS it snowed from the ceiling at the end and Edie would like you to know that she got a snowflake in her eye.

Edie was asleep in the car on the way home within minutes and I carried her upstairs and tucked her in all dressed in her clothes at Katherine's place. 


lindsey. said...

A perfect Disney day! I feel kinda bad for Jeff that he missed it. But, then again, Disney can be super annoying so he also missed that.

Love the Big Thunder pics! They are super awesome! This whole post made me happy. I love the Culver girls.

Katherine LeBlond said...

Oh wait...I LOVE churros! We only did fun things the ENTIRE weekend! Hooray! You forgot to post our California Adventure night club photos though...

Laura said...

Hannah will be jealous if she finds out Edie saw the Frozen sing along b4 her ! We were just down there, too, Jill. When we skyped with the kids from our nephew Jon's place (so Sarah could see her cousin) Hannah was most impressed that Jon (who contracts for Disney) was the one who did all the special effects for Frozen and knew Elsa and Anna well :) Not to mention Olaf! It looks like you had a blast!!! Great photos!