Friday, February 13, 2015

California 2015 (post 1)

I super hard core love this kid:
And she is an amazing flyer. This was made more apparent by the other 5 year old girl seated directly in front of us on our flight to LA. I'm pretty defensive on the part of parents flying with young children because babies and kids are unpredictable time bombs in contained, quiet spaces like airplanes and I feel for parents handling this precarious situation, but DUDE. This Dad needed to get it together and reign his kid in. She was yelling maniacally about every single thing for much of the flight and not once did that Dad ask his kid to use her inside voice. A crying infant is so much more forgivable. I also enjoyed the moment when the girl in front of Edie says, "WOAH! ARE WE GOING INTO OUTER SPACE??!!!!" and Edie looks at me like 'Did you hear that? Is that kid an idiot??' I died laughing from her look alone. So condescending, but also, so funny. I'm lucky in many, many ways. But one worth mentioning is that I made a friend when I made this kid. Instead of feeling sad about the impending teenagery hatred most certainly headed my way in 5 years, I am determined to enjoy this stage to the fullest.

We went from the airport to a late lunch in Culver City. Giant chips, guac, and lemonade - what more could a girl want?

Aunt Katherine, multi tasking:

The sunset from Katherine's apartment:
Things deteriorated shortly after this photo when waking up early for our flight, the ear pressure from her cold/plane ride, and her cough turned Edie into a sad, sick kid who needed to be carried everywhere. We rallied enough to go to dinner with a friend of Katherine's but bedtime couldn't come fast enough. Thankfully she woke up the next day ready to tackle life. 
"Be quiet Mom. I'm on a call." (actual quote)

The following morning, we put on our leopard print accessories and headed out into the world.

Edie was having a good time until I asked to take this photo with her and then she got all serious sally.

Then her Rice Krispie Treat Pancakes showed up and she didn't mind posing again (those are toasted mini marshmallows on top of the pancakes):

Lunch photo of me and Kait by Edie:

We decided on Saturday to only do fun things, so after lunch it was pedicures:

It rained a few drops, so Edie used an umbrella on our way to….
Sprinkles Cupcakes!
Strawberry for me, salted caramel for Edie and vegan red velvet for Katherine:

Taken moments before the lady from the snobby shop in Pretty Woman came out to tell Edie not to stand in their window. Apparently, even when wearing leopard print, kids do not belong on Rodeo Drive.
Edie made some new friends:
And we maybe stopped into this fancy pants candy store and bought treats for her bestie and Jeff (I told you we did only fun things):

Conveyor belt sushi dinner with another friend for the win!

(PS: that is my sushi. Edie may be the coolest, but she's not THAT cool.)

Stay tuned for photos of Sunday when we tackled Disneyland.


heidio said...

I like this a lot so far. keep it comin.

Laura said...

LOVE the Leopard !!
Fun times :)

sandralbruton said...

Watch the road Katherine!

Katherine LeBlond said...

Come baaaaccckkk! ❤️❤️❤️ #Tindering™ #BoyfriendAtSprinkles