Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Edie would remind you that she is already nearing Five AND A QUARTER, so it's really terrible that it's taken me this long to post her family birthday party photos. I'd actually kind of forgotten about this overdue post, but a friend recently posted photos of her daughter's birthday and it reminded me that I still had some of these photos in a draft form.  The quality of these photos is substandard, but we had a fun birthday celebration with both sides of the family in Bellingham at my parents' house over Labor Day Weekend. Edie learned for the first time that she is capable of blowing up balloons herself. She spent about 30 minutes doing this over and over:

I made a "Frozen Cake":

Family arrived:

Presents were opened:

Here she is wearing her new Elsa dress, hand sewn by Aunt Kathleen and riding her new big girl bike from her great Grandma:

Elsa posing:

Frozen decorations hand made by her Grandma Fifi:

Waiting for the bouncy castle to inflate in my parents' basement:
My parents own a legit bouncy castle. I repeat, this is not a rental, it lives here year round and can be inflated indoors in about 3 minutes. Luna and Edie went bananas:

More presents, mostly of the plastic, princess variety:

Cake time:

Edie received so many thoughtful gifts from family. And then we made her make a thank you card with the intention of photocopying it and sending it to the masses, except we never did our part. ARGH. I need to dig out that note she made and go to Kinko's immediately...

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sandralbruton said...

Edie's (in and out of Frozen dress)poses are so professional looking! Your cake was so delicious.