Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall photo dump

Some photos that when looking back at them, seem months and month ago, but are really just from September and early October. I mean, check this one out of our outdoor dinner picnic at the Woodland Park Rose Garden. It can't have been just a month ago that it was hot enough for Jessie's daughter to be prancing around outdoors naked!

A few shots of Edie from a spur of the moment Orcas weekend we took this Fall. Jeff told her that her shirt was camouflaged with the blanket so she did this:

I think she thinks that by making this face, she blends in with the blanket:

Hanging out with Grandpa and the dude he hired to cut trees down - like a boss.

Getting ready to watch the trees come down:
Wood chipper excitement:

Trees after being chopped down, before being chopped up and dragged uphill to the chopper:

The fuzzy caterpillar she rescued from one of the trees:

My favorite outfit in September - I call it her "walking gay pride parade ensemble": rainbow knee socks with a rainbow unicorn dress and glitter shoes.

Our favorite Fall activity this year: going to party stores and posing with all the things:

No head lice was contracted during the posing of these photos (barely):
Sunday Fremont Market Day:
More party store antics (different store/similar hijinks):

"Mom, can I buy this bag of rats?"
NBD, just a kid with a bloody chainsaw:
Happy Fall everyone! Edie is wearing two halloween costumes this year - Elsa from the movie Frozen for school and then she requested I make her a Ring Tailed Lemur suit for trick or treating. We saw "The Lemurs of Madagascar" this summer at the Seattle Science Center and she really really loved it. I asked her recently if she could go anywhere, where would she go. Her answer? Madagascar to be with the lemurs.


Laura said...

Great photos, Jill !

sandralbruton said...

Like her w blue hair!...and the Dolly Parton hair too!