Thursday, August 7, 2014

Last weekend

We kicked off last weekend with a much anticipated (at least on my part) visit to the Paramount to see Book of Mormon. It was as fun and fabulous as I'd hoped.

The next morning we headed out for a big day trip to Whidbey Island. Thanks to friend and fellow blogger Lindsey who lives there year round, we had a host of suggested destinations and the island didn't disappoint. Although, truth be told, our kid DID kind of disappoint. Boy do I love her, but boy was she the whiniest 4 year old of all time that day. The ferry line started out with these hilarious dogs watching us from the car in front:

Ferry ride (I took care to apply my nude colored lipstick before taking this photo - except wait. That's just the natural color of my lips :(

We stopped at the Bayview Farmers Market and Edie played a little chess (between bouts of whining about it being hot and I think that her legs were tired?):

Fort Casey kites:

Fort Casey beach:

Ice cream in Coupeville where she mostly ate while sitting under the picnic table because "the sun was in her eyes":

We drove north to go home by car and stopped in Deception Pass State Park, which was a really lovely end to a nice (if slightly whine-filled day. Edie bucked up and had a blast climbing rocks and playing on the beach:

Sunday we stayed local, but busy: pancakes by Edie and Jeff, a trip to the gym/kids club, a girls only visit to the Fremont Market with fancy popsicles, the Blue Angels, and a few other things I've already forgotten.


Laura said...

I remember camping with you kids at Deception Pass State Park Campground. Just me and you 4 kids; what fun! Ross brought out a load of wood and you quickly realized the money making potential of wagon loads of wood to fellow campers :)
I also remember I was driving Ross' Dad's old van that had an AA sticker on the back "one day at a time" and sitting out drinking red wine at nite while you kids ran around playing. Other campers walking by shaking their heads...poor woman fell back into drinking.....we fooled them!!! Hey, maybe that's why you made out so well selling wood; they took pity on you poor kids with an "alcoholic" adult.
Looks like you guys had fun! I can't believe Edie was whining while having an ice cream!

sandralbruton said...

That child does love her beach time.

Darrah said...

We saw BOM too!