Friday, August 1, 2014


We made the trip to Orcas last weekend for a family bonanza to celebrate Marcia's 70th birthday. There's always something magic about arriving on a clear Friday night when the water is flat calm:

Edie set to beach combing immediately:

The following day, we boarded the big boat and the whaler and headed to Clark Island for a picnic. We found our own little mini-cove and it was hot and windless, so we tucked ourselves into the shade and dipped our feet in the water:

My bear paws:
Edie found a "stage" and put on a show:
Looking back from the water:
Nice Luna and I do a selfie!
Kathleen and Luna

Edie likes to collect "mermaids" - bulb kelp and she will drag these giant heavy kelps up to the cabin from the beach. This time she demanded that I braid the mermaid's hair:
Then Edie took the tea kettle out and watered her hair to keep it fresh:
I made a fancy crab salad appetizer that was supposed to go on sweet potato chips. Except all the chips were curled and broken. So I put some on endive, because - who doesn't have an endive laying around?
Cheese plate! Can you see those crazy grapes I found? They're called witches' fingers!
Keylime birthday pie:
We had a low key Sunday with beach time, badminton, and croquet:

Edie and Javi watching the badminton from the almost finished new building:
And lastly, this shot of Jeff and I on the water, heading back to the cabin after our picnic on Clark Island:

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This weekend looks amazing!