Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby Shower Photos

Belated photos of Heid's woodland themed baby shower are here!!

Some of my photos turned out a little washed out, some are from Darrah's legit camera, and others are filtered through Instagram, so apologies for the mix and match style of photos. Also, I can't get any of them to align in the center, so we're just going straight-up left align. We'll start with the craft station where guests could create iron-on onesies and other adorable things for the baby. Crafty like a FOX:


The panorama was taken before we were totally finished with food, so beverages don't appear on the bookshelf. And for some reason it looks like it was 7pm, but it was two in the afternoon… ah well. You can still get how cute it was, right?!
We covered my giant cork board with wood grain wrapping paper, decorated it with woodland themed banners and baby photos of the couple. My mother in law loaned me her vast collection of pine cones which we dotted around the room. Katherine used a Cricket to print little woodland creatures and my friend loaned us all the terrariums. She had apparently just been to a "terrarium making party" because this is a real thing. Which sounds like I'm making fun, but really I'm just super jealous that I didn't think of it or get invited.

We filled my normally boring work bookcase with children's books featuring woodland or forest animals, used some existing wood frames that amy had to frame some fabric I already had with owls and foxes and then Kristin made little dioramas with moss and things. Oh, and I had the paper lanterns already from another event. The beverages were eventually put on this bookcase, but none of the photos captured it for some reason.

The gift table:
A banner that Katherine made out of slices of real wood, which she then used to paint the baby's name on. Sorry the track lighting in my office made some areas look real important….

The party was at 2pm, so we served turkey and veggie chili with teeny tiny cups and a toppings bar, little paper bags of Fritos, miniature cornbreads with honey butter, fruit salad in waffle cones, and shortbread cookies in the shape of hedgehogs. Oh, and these ridiculously adorable packages of wood silverware, wood print straws, and individual packets of salt and pepper stapled to the outside that Katherine made. I wish this had photographed better because they were CUTE:

And maybe a few little jars of acorn treats made from Hershey kisses, mini Nilla Wafers and peanut butter chips:
PS my friend loaned me all the cool terrariums and Katherine added the teeny tiny forest mushrooms to make them more woodsy.  Amy made the favors - little jars of candied nuts with a little squirrel friend telling everyone to take one with them when they left:
The party:
Opening prezzies:


heidio said...

Cutest shower ever. I have the best friends!

cranky rae said...

Adorbs upon adorbs.

sandralbruton said...

hungry for the chili cup with fritos on top! the pic of jill/Heidi is darn cute.