Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Here is where I share miscellaneous photos from our weekend in Birch Bay and Bellingham:

Edie enjoying The Lion King Saturday morning when Jeff and I weren't quite ready to wake up.

A quick walk to the beach after getting dolled up for our Fancy Pants Dinner on Saturday night:

My Mom dug out my Rainbow Brite and Starlite dolls. Nostalgia City.

Excitement City.

Clam Chowder City.

Kristin Johnson City. I'm not sure how long I intent to maintain this joke. Maybe I'll stop now. It seems like a good time.
On Sunday, we met up with Kristin, her brother Craig and his fiance Adam to stroll Fairhaven and the boardwalk:

On Sunday, we left Edie at my parents' house for the night and returned to Seattle child-free. Jeff took me to a new restaurant that one of his clients just opened up in Woodinville - The Commons.

Where we enjoyed adult cocktails:

And fancy pot pie served over a homemade BISCUIT.

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