Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fancy Pants Dinner

Months ago, my parents purchased a fancy dinner at an auction. The dinner was to be cooked by food blogger, Adam Roberts (aka The Amateur Gourmet) and recipes would be from his latest book, Secrets of the Best Chefs.

This dinner happened on Saturday in Bellingham and we were my parents' guests. It was a lovely, grown up dinner (Kristin babysat Edie at my parents' house - thanks KJ!) that was photographed by me in a mediocre fashion (see below). There were wine pairings with each course. Since I typically have a 1.5 drink limit... I might have been tipsy.

A photo of Jeff and me without Edie!
Me and my Mom
Plus our chef for the night Adam Roberts.
The Menu:

The tastiest scallop chowder ever:

The roast:

My entree plate (with a lot of wine):
Adam, explaining that our entrees were from recipes given to him by the head chef of Beast, a Portland restaurant:

The exhausted kitchen crew (aka, our close family friends who helped put the auction package together):

Blueberry dessert!

If I'm being honest, I totally could have eaten a second piece.

Thank you Mom and Dad for buying this dinner and letting us mooch off of your generosity.


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sandralbruton said...

I agree with you about the chowder and the blueberry dessert.
You look divine in the blue dress!

cranky rae said...

Awesome. Also, you look HOT in that dress!