Saturday, December 22, 2012

T minus 2 days

Our holiday festivities start on Monday with my family.

More than any other year, Christmas has snuck up on me. Which is not to say I'm unprepared. In fact, all presents are here, wrapped - including stocking stuffers for both my family and Jeff's! It just feels like we deserve another week of holiday spirit before it's all over. Edie has been an absolute delight this month. We rented The Polar Express last night and watched it for our Friday Movie Night. 

Reading this book is probably in my personal top 5 childhood holiday memories - we read it frequently as a kid and I always felt like the story was super magical. I've been reading it with Edie since last year and she also loves the story. Watching the movie last night was THE BEST. I've never seen her so engaged/invested in a plot line before and I feel like anything I say to describe the experience will sound uneventful. But it was one of those unexpected parenting moments when you feel all warm and fuzzy and try to memorize the way everything looks and feels so that when you're old and telling your grown child about their childhood Christmases, you can include this story accurately. 

We hung all our holiday cards today and our family cards arrived this evening for addressing.

Edie had her first taste of Eggnog last night. She said she wouldn't like it, but as you can see, she had a Green Eggs and Ham moment:


Sarah said...

Hannah absolutely LOVES the Polar Express movie and it's the only film we do not have to watch in 20-30 minute segments. She calls it her "chugga choot choot movie" and stays captivated through the entire thing. We were just saying the other night that this movie is going to be part of our family Christmas tradition.

sandralbruton said...

Your dad says he remembers buying that book the first year it was out from the UW book store when he was there for his December annual tax seminar. 1985. Reading it to you is also a memory for him.

cranky rae said...

It's posts like these that get me pretty pumped to have a kid one day. Also, your chandelier looks gorg. Jealous.

lindsey. said...

Marina loved Edie's video. We watched it several times and then she said "I want more Edie videos!"

Also? Your mom's comment about your dad remembering when he bought that book for you? Made me all teary-eyed. I love that Edie loves something you loved so much.

Laura said...

OK Ross and I watched the Polar Express last nite for the first time ever and it must have been good because we both stayed awake! I can see why our granddaughter and grandniece would love it!!!
Happy NY