Sunday, April 15, 2012


Try not to be too jealous when I tell you that this is where I'm going on Wednesday.

It's not as if we have our own private chef or anything. Oh wait, we do.
Now that my business trip is behind me, I'm finally able to get EXCITED for this trip! The timing isn't perfect because I have a Very Important Event to coordinate just 2 weeks after returning from this vacation, but I've procured extra daycare for tomorrow and Tuesday and will be cramming as much work in as I can before we leave for the airport at 4AM (Blap) on Wednesday. And if any of you robbers are getting ideas about my house being vacant all week - thank again A-holes! I have the most vigilant (read: nosy as shit) neighbors you can imagine (x100) and also PS we have nothing worth robbing. Like nothing. Well, unless you really want a second hand dollhouse and big box of sticky Legos. Then we are your place.

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Anonymous said...

You make me laugh and I love that you are excited to be on vacation.