Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christmas 2011

So, 6 comments on the harmonica post will just have to do. Thank you to my loyal commenters; I guess I know who my real virtual friends are! Kidding. Truth is, I'm back from my work trip, but we are headed to Mexico on Wednesday (woot woot!) so in the meantime I will try to put a few ancient photo updates here. Since I'm a total blog failure, here are some photos from December of 2011. These are the ramp up to Christmas. I'll post Christmas photos next.

Hanging the Christmas lights was incredibly exciting for Edie.
She was all about "helping" by moving Dad's stepping stool for him.
The advent calendar was a big hit all month. Many of the little toys from Archie McPhees and the dollar bin at Target are still getting play around here...
Random moment in which we pretended to be baboons with orange slices tucked in our mouths. Then we shared a special baboon kiss. Other photos from this moment are more entertaining, but also include full frontal nudity (Edie's, not mine).
The Christmas tree hunt. Every year we go to Hunters Tree Farm in Wedgwood and for whatever reason, we've made it a tradition to go at night time when the lights are all up. Then head home for some pajama tree decorating. We usually get lights up the first night before hitting the bed.

Then the following evening comes all the Christmas decorations and ornaments for the tree.
Decorating Christmas cookies with my Mom (ie Grandma Toby).

Visiting Santa with Darrah and Reid. Reid was feeling a little uncertain and wasn't terribly impressed with Santa. In fairness, I wasn't impressed by the UVillage Santa this year either. He had creepy bug eyes and a scraggly beard.

Reid however, was THRILLED with this animatronic Rudolph sitting across from Santa.

Wax lips courtesy of the advent calendar. She enjoyed wearing them on the way to visit Candy Cane Lane with Grandma Fifi and Grandpa Mustache (ie; Jeff's parents).
Mediocre photos that don't capture the festive quaintness that is Candy Cane Lane. This will be new tradition for us.

The Culver family has an annual "Cousins Christmas" event that goes back farther than Jeff's memory. Here she is with cousin Sophie at the 2011 Cousin's Christmas slash Grandma Jean's 95th Birthday.

Someone found something chocolate.
My side of the family has a similar tradition with 3 other families - The Annual Progressive Dinner. From which I have no photos except this adorable one. The biggest of the little kids was reading Fancy Nancy's Splendiferous Christmas to the littles. This is 2 days before Christmas. We celebrated Christmas morning the next day with my family on the 24th.


Lindsey said...

I loved these pics. Your sweet girl makes me all teary-eyed all the time because she is so awesome. And I know I've said this before but I LOVE you as a mom Jill. It has brought out a side of you that I never knew (I know we were never close and this is not to say that you were stone cold or something...that is totally not my point). You are so awesome and were totally made to be Edie's mom. I love the two of you and I love the special life you are creating with her. Viva los Culvers!!

Betsey said...

The santa hat pic of the two of you is going to be one of those that gets pulled out at holidays when she's older - I can feel it. It's classic cuteness! Great photos!