Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July

A belated post with photos of our 4th of July weekend. We hit up the cabin for Saturday and Sunday nights and had the only fabulous weather of the summer so far. Loading up our gear to take out to the boat:
On Grandma and Grandpa's boat:

Rowing to shore:
The new hammock got a lot of play.
Reading old books with Grandpa Mustache.

One of Edie's favorite activities is being dragged around on a beach towel. Fast.


Cutest bath ever. I was mowing the lawn while this was happening, and every time I'd walk by with the mower, she'd point at me through the glass, wave and I could see her mouth "MAMA!" in the most excited way ever.

Playing with the wooden ferry boat that Grandpa made years ago and Jeff's old Sesame Street cars. When she put them on the boat she exclaimed, "They fit!!"

Rowing out to the Whaler for our first speed boat ride of the summer.
Driving the Whaler with Dad.
Trying to replicate a similar photo taken last year in the Whaler. Remember the "Proud Sailor"?
On Monday the 4th, we stopped for hot dogs and watermelon on my parents' deck before driving back to Seattle. Edie spent pretty much the entire time scooping water from the kiddie pool and dumping it onto the deck, relishing the sound of it hitting the driveway, two stories down.

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lindsey said...

I had so many thoughts while enjoying this post...I'll try to remember them. First, how much do I love your little family??!! You three are the cutest. I love the pics of Edie in the cart on the way to the boat. I love the pic of you getting a moment of quiet to read outside - you look really pretty. Love the bath/lawn mowing story. Love that ferry boat! Love, love, love. Great post!