Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi there. Yes, I realize that "Jill's Daily Note" has officially become a complete lie as I now update this blog approximately once per week. This time my excuse is illness. Again. How in the world do people with more than one child survive?

I used to be so effing smug about my health. Sickness was weakness and *I* was strong! But those days are so long gone that I don't even feel like the same person. This time around I fell first, coming down with a sore throat late Thursday night and feeling like total crap by Saturday. Edie fell shortly after and while I'm still struggling with prolonged and embarrassing coughing fits, Edie has really taken a hit. I try not to be one of those paranoid mothers who take their kid to the pediatrician weekly, but yesterday when I came home from work and found my Mom consoling a miserable Edie, now pulling one ear in a familiar manner, I squeezed her in for a last minute appt. And thank god! Because the doctor listened to her lungs for WAY longer than made me comfortable and declared them a hot mess. She has a swampy cough and a weak ear infection and while it's not pneumonia, the actual word "pneumonia" was used in the appointment (as in "it's not pneumonia"), which officially freaked the shit out of me. So. She's on antibiotics and I'm really hoping she wakes up with a dramatic improvement tomorrow. I'm pleased to report that her temperature and temperament were much improved today (ie she only spent one hour of the day totally miserable and weepy compared to 10 yesterday) but I'd be much more pleased to report that she sleeps well tonight - don't EVEN get me started on the last time we slept more than an hour and a half consecutively - and wakes up minus the swamp cough. Please please please.


lindsey said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I hope you are feeling back to good again and that Miss Edie wakes up refreshed and happy. :)

Grama Fifi said...

Jill, I was so shocked to hear the word pneumonia even mentioned. I do hope the antibiotics are making a huge difference! AND that you can get some well deserved hunks of sleep yourself. I, too, have an appt. w/ the doctor this PM - to find out why I have had 5 (FIVE!) colds since mid-Jan. I looked back on my calendar and realize that I've been sick for at least 48 days. NOT NORMAL!

Take care, and I hope Jeff doesn't catch this bad bug!
Love to you all