Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Excuse

I really have no excuse for my infrequent posts of late. Edie had a cold (but what's new?) and then I had a weak version, staved off by Zinc, but really I think my mind is just really preoccupied with work. The event I've been working to plan since the fall is FINALLY happening and the ramp up has been steep. I went from billing something like 8 hours per week to almost 20, with only about 5 hours of childcare per week. Last week I even had to beg Jeff to take Edie for 2 hours midday so I could drive to Bellevue for a last minute meeting with the client. The party is May 7th and wow will I have earned my Mother's Day breakfast in bed the following day (HINT HINT Jeff). I'd love to go into details and entertain you with the hilarious stories that this event has brought me, but I try to keep work separate from this blog, so you'll just have to make do with stories about poopy diapers and photos of Edie in the tub.

Oh and I have a cute video of Edie counting to 5 from a few weeks ago (she's up to 6 now) that I keep meaning to put on the computer. And a slightly less cute (although surprisingly entertaining) one of her having a tantrum about not getting to go to Reid's house. That's another thing. I was sort of thinking that we might avoid the worst of the tantrum phase just because Edie is such a good communicator. But I was WRONG. Last week was filled with temper tantrums and the mental turmoil of how to handle them was almost as taxing as actually handling them... Thankfully, we've had a few peaceful days over the weekend so perhaps this week will see some new photo posts.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Edie was too sick to go to Reid's birthday party? So two party girls missed the party; that is so too bad.

lindsey said...

Good luck with the party! Can't wait to see new pics.