Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

1. When a blog only posts the first paragraph of a post and then you have to click on a link to "read more". I don't know why, but it's usually so annoying to me that I don't click on the link and never read the full post.

2. Nuts in baked goods. I firmly believe that nuts in a quick bread, brownie, muffin or cookie RUIN the entire thing. I have a strong memory of being at the Bellingham Country Club as a child, taking a break from swimming and getting a brownie at the concession stand, knowing that I would have to spend 30 minutes picking every single piece of nut out of the thing before I could even take a bite.

3. When Jeff goes to bed before me. I don't have any logical explanation for this, but it throws my whole night off when I come upstairs to get ready for bed and find all the lights off and Jeff in bed before me. Thankfully this only happens like 3 times a year, but Jeff thinks it's hilarious how bent out of shape I get about it.

4. Washing sippy cups. SO ANNOYING. So annoying in fact, that I can't go into detail about this without getting super annoyed.

5. A weak handshake. I'm always so perplexed by people who delivery weak, limp handshakes. What's the story there? Do they not realize how off putting it is?

6. When Trader Joe's frozen items aren't ready after being in the oven for the proper amount of time. Is my freezer extra freezy or my oven extra weak or does Trader Joe not test out his directions before printing them on his frozen lasagnas? I think the latter. Former? I never know how to use the former/latter phrase. Perhaps that should be pet peeve number 7.

What are your pet peeves?


Kathleen said...

Hmm. The immediate one that comes to mind is people who don't signal before making turns (although they're slowing way down...)

With former/latter, just remember f for first and l for last. For example: chocolate and vanilla. The former is excellent, and the latter is rather blah.

Kathleen said...

And raisins in cookies. I'm always so dissaponted when I realize it's not chocolate.

Kathleen said...

Boy, I'm on a roll.

Another - when the dishwasher goes through the whole cycle and
a) there are still dirty dishes
b) they're still dripping wet

Sarah said...

1. Drivers in the fast lane who purposely slow down to pace a car in the slow lane so you can't get passed them. It's like they think it's their lot in life to get you to go the speed limit! So irritating.
2. Being pregnant and on sugar restriction. I really, really want no bake cookies now after reading your other post and I can't. Lame.

Meredith S. said...

Re: nuts in baked goods, BOY am I with you. Putting nuts in a brownie is a travesty.

People who walk across the street without looking first. Jaywalking, I mean.

When the baby's afternoon nap is only 25 minutes.

The 8 microwave cycles it takes to sterilize all the bottles and pump parts. I just spent $30 on a large sterilizer today to avoid having to do this.

Our book club book is ringing one of my pet peeves right now, but I will save that for our discussion next month.

Kristin said...

RECUMBENT BICYCLES. I don't know why I'm so annoyed by them, but I am. "Look-- I can relax AND ride a bike at the same time!"

sandralbruton said...

At your job, when you get called for information; you give it...and then the caller says "wait! let me get something to write with." So you get to say it again, and again. Or how about: you're waiting in a line to place your order and the person in front of you has been waiting just as long, but never took that time to know what they want to order. Why's that?

Marcia said...

My aerobic instructor playing the same music over and over and over.
Granted, she has about 10 CD's she rotates, but when one aerobicizes 2 to 3 times a week, they get very, very repetitive. She is not open to buying new music either.

Another thing, half of the music isn't even what I call "music", it's very synthesized and not very rhythmic, either. Now, just give me old rock n' roll and I'm in heaven, really getting my heart rate up there! (that really shows my age, I guess!)

Boy,you got me going.....this same instructor for the longest time used tapes and they got so USED that she had to run over to the machine and speed them up (maybe 3 or 4 times during a class). Can you believe it?